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OOI-Tienen / reconversion of a schoolsite (*)

/ archeological and historical research 


bodY anD soul

ARAF always starts from the soul of the place and the potential of the existing context, site and/or built space.  

LUT-Oudergem / development of a schoolsite into a mixed intergenerational cluster (*)

/ opening of the new campus


partnerS iN


ARAF looks in every project for the right partners and future users, who will actively participate in the project process.

CLT-Tienen / reconversion of a schoolsite  (*)

/ pop-up events before building permit


size does matter

ARAF is not afraid to unlock, recombine and rescale, both spatial and functional.  

BVE-Venezia / 100 towers 100 architects / Hong Kong Pavilion 2018 

`/ research for the development of empty (office) buildings 





ARAF offers the right answer to the ambitions and the needs of “profit” and “non profit”, in order to increase the potential success of any project.

(*) in collaboration with Urban Platform architects

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