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// What future for the heritage site of the Saint Trudo Abbey and its surroundings?
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ARAF has assisted to the expert workshop, organized by PTArchitects, for the “Bouwmeesterscan” Sint-Truiden. For a number of non residential buildings, alternative commercial development alternatives have been discussed.

/ 17.03.2021
// Research by design study for the building block of the existing Town Hall in the historical center of Tienen 


ARAF is examining how to create a dynamic and qualitative green environment in the inner courtyard of the Town Hall building block offering opportunities to connect with the surrounding commercial and residential functions, the “Grote Markt” and the different Town Hall functions.

/ 22.01.2021
// ARAF is proud to share the first pictures of the pilot project with 10 boxes that will accommodate 34 people waiting for affordable housing! 

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ARAF has set up a framework for the further technical and commercial development of the “WOONBOX” concept, a modular system for the creation of affordable, temporary housing inside existing, often abandoned buildings. ARAF introduced ‘Vandereyt Houtskeletbouw’, to take part in the initiative, offering a strong technical backup and industrialized production processes. ARAF created a financial tool for the evaluation of all kinds of market opportunities.

/ 29.10.2020
/ 09.10.2020
// New school masterplan


ARAF just started a Masterplan for the ‘Oscar Romero Scholen’ in and around Dendermonde. In a first phase ARAF will study the reconversion opportunities for several sites to be abandoned and set up the project definition and financing alternatives for two new school infrastructures.      

/ 09.10.2020
// New school masterplan

ARAF is ready to start first analysis after this holiday break…


ARAF is proud to announce the order of an overall Masterplan for the complete school group ‘Vrij Katholiek Onderwijs Buggenhout’. Next to four elementary schools, it includes the Sint-Vincentius College, organically grown around the chapel and located in the centre of Buggenhout. Future development strategies for the different campus sites will be examined.    

/ 03.08.2020
// From monastery to school

ARAF assisted to increase school capacity by about 300 extra students! 


The masterplan for the campus VIA Waaiberg, Tienen has been approuved in January. ARAF played its role as “in between actor”: in March, the notary act has been signed for the purchase of the former, but since years abandoned “Annunciaten” monastery; in June, the project manager, responsible for the refurbishment into a flexible school building has been briefed.   

/ 30.06.2020
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Cahier 13: Wonen met zorg. 10 jaar projectontwikkeling in Brussel.


The Lutgardis school in Oudergem is booming! ARAF is currently studying the possibilities for further extension of the school capacity.


This school project is part of the development of an intergenerational and mixed-use campus, awarded for its masterplan and architecture (Urban Platform architects) and mixed school playground (Studio Basta landscape architects).  

/ 16.05.2020
/ 16.04.2020
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Team UTIL cvba - Gijs Van Vaerenbergh


ARAF has started the coordination of the studies for three pedestrian and bicycle connections in the Brussels Canal Zone. The level of the existing riverbanks will be lowered to offer new public spaces and a safe crossing under the existing bridges at Van Praet, De Trooz and Sainctelette.  

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